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Leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner

When we think about our customers, we always focus on how to best support their growth and how to take their business to a higher level. We listen to their needs and future plans in order to implement ideal ERP solutions that streamline all business processes and make their organization run like clockwork.

By offering Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which is used by more than 160.000 companies worldwide, as well as our own functionality extensions and solutions, we respond to the global and local needs of our customers. We deliver not only projects, but also professional expertise on the latest technologies for successful ERP implementation.

As a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner, IT.integro has been operating for more than 25 years across multiple countries and continents. Based in Poland, with a team of 80 consultants, IT.integro offers ERP consultancy on Microsoft Dynamics ERP implementation, and roll-out to local and global organizations in 47 countries.

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Development of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV

We are deeply committed to the development of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system and our own products, such as local functionalities for Dynamics, Electronic Banking, Human Resources, and Payroll add-ons. Our solutions dedicated for group and global Dynamics NAV deployments such as Global Template and Master Data Management System have already been appreciated by a number of customers with multiple international locations.

Using Microsoft Sure Step Methodology as the primary project guideline, we always ensure the highest standards of our services and efficiency at all project stages.

For our dedication to product development and customer service, we have been awarded by Microsoft with many awards and distinctions including Microsoft Gold Partner competency for

Enterprise Resource Planning, the finalist in Microsoft Dynamics Regional Partner for Central and Eastern Europe of the Year 2016 contest and membership in President’s Club for Microsoft Dynamics.


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About us

Agile approach is what customers in the USA expect

Our agile approach to project management enables us to serve global and local organizations around the globe. IT.integro’s completed and current projects in the USA include companies that are our global customers with their offices in the USA.

As always, when it comes to implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV in a specific country, projects in the USA require a fast response and deep understanding of local needs, including legal and accounting requirements. Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as the leading solution in the Dynamics product family, offers extensive flexibility for customization and integration of add-on functionalities and we know how to use these capabilities efficiently

Flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The flexibility of Dynamics NAV enables our team to fulfill the specific local expectations of our customers in the USA. In addition to local requirements, we are able to accommodate the needs of various industries by creating new functions within the existing system, or by integrating industry specific add-ons based on the NAV platform.

10 project teams

Our 10 project teams gather specialists with high professional knowledge of programming, system design and optimization, and business analytics, as well as a wide range of business processes including accounting, manufacturing, trade, and inventory management. Serving our customers, IT.integro’s consultants are present in the USA all year round, and our help-desk and development departments are always available on-line for consultations.