What components and features should an ERP system have? 

What are the critical areas of your business: distribution, production, finance or CRM? You may look at the venture from a different perspective and consider the potential benefits of implementing an ERP system in the most essential areas of your business activity: 


Are the right products delivered in the right locations on time? Do you need any enhancements in the areas of replenishment, inventory, warehouse and order management? Are sales forecasts accurate and have a direct impact on product and material requirements planning?  

With the right ERP system, you will streamline your distribution and supply chain management and optimize cost control as well as the consumption of resources.  


Is your company able to produce the output your customers exactly ordered, meeting tough deadlines and increasing efficiency at the same time? Imagine you could develop, manufacture or assemble products faster and cheaper. Would it not be profitable to optimize repeatable product quality by using an effective quality control system? Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, companies implement ERP systems to streamline their business operations, respond swiftly to market changes and activities of your competition. 

Financial management

Does your company operate in compliance with the adopted strategy? No doubt, you assess and monitor closely your financial performance as well as economic events that may have an impact on your financial management. What if you could make your daily tasks less time-consuming and costly and ensure an easier access to critical financial data? 

An effective ERP system can definitely reduce the amount of work and time that are needed to close the month. With a simple-to-use interface, it will be possible to reduce the number of human errors in financial calculations. A reliable financial management system will help you to generate cross-section financial reports based on critical business data. 

Customer Relationships Management (CRM)

Are your customers satisfied with the quality and efficiency of your service? Customer relations are one of the key factors that come into play when determining the overall success of your business. Are you committed to fostering collaboration with your clients? Do you to respond to their needs and preferences? The new system can help you to integrate contacts with customers with sales and marketing activities and lead to an increase in turnover and greater loyalty of your customers. 

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A guide to selecting the right ERP system