Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Azure

An ERP system in the cloud

What is cloud computing and Azure solution

Cloud computing has become the most popular trend in the recent years. It is generally assumed that soon it will be used by most companies in the world. It is unstoppable. Taking into account its multiple benefits for organizations, starting from reduced costs to ensured security and data protection, cloud computing is recognized as the future of all areas of business activity.

With the Microsoft Azure platform, it is possible to combine cloud and on-premise environments within a hybrid solution. The platform ensures maximum mobility and a fast return on investment.

7 reasons for moving into the cloud

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An ERP system in the cloud

Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular. It is used not only in business, but also privately. As a natural consequence of this trend, the cloud is also becoming a development opportunity for ERP systems. The software-as-a-service model has many advocates, but still remains very controversial. Is the solution flexible enough to accommodate the specific needs of all industries?

ERP system implementation in the Microsoft Azure cloud

FBSerwis S.A. completed its Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation. As one of the first companies in Poland, it implemented the ERP system on the scalable Microsoft Azure cloud. System implementation was delivered by the Gold Microsoft Dynamics Partner – IT.integro.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Evolution into the cloud

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a system that responds to present market needs by encompassing all the trends related to the cloud-based model. Dynamics NAV has been designed by Microsoft to empower companies to accomplish their business goals. Fast implementation and simplicity of use are its main advantages.

Owing to its flexibility, the system can be customized to the needs of the company, taking into account all specific-industry requirements. This means fast and easy integration with other business and specific industry solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV streamlines and integrates all processes in a company, providing its users with options to deploy the system on-premise or in the cloud.

Owing to its readiness for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform as well as Office 365 and CRM Online integration, the ERP system has become a powerful tool that ensures comprehensive support for management in business operations and workflow, providing an intelligent insight into business analytics

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been designed to meet the needs of all companies from different industries. It enables entrepreneurs and business executives to manage business effectively, control processes, providing a deep insight into analytics. It can be customized to accommodate all needs. The functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be enhanced with many business and industry solutions.

Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing for modern business

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