7 reasons for moving into the cloud

Primary benefits of cloud computing

Why do so many companies decide to move their resources to the Azure platform?

Read about the 7 primary benefits of cloud computing.


Possibility to limit your costs

On Microsoft Azure, you can store your databases, applications and programs that you use every day at work. To use such solutions you need servers, the purchase and maintenance costs of which are overwhelming. Moreover, you have to take failures and downtime into account. Microsoft Azure offers scalability at any time, which means you can use only server space you actually need at a given moment. With this solution, you pay only for the resources that you have really used. Implementation is fast and does not require a huge time and money investment.

Flexibility of resources

One of the most prominent Azure features is its scalability. The unlimited capacity of the cloud enables you to use it flexibly. Using the Azure platform, you do not need to worry about seasonal peaks and increased demand periods, such as the pre-Christmas period in retail business. You can enjoy permanent access and unlimited space, although only paying for what you actually need. Additionally, Microsoft Azure offers unsurpassed flexibility. It supports all operating systems, tools, languages and structures, starting from Windows to Linux, from SQL Server to Oracle, from C# to Java.

Unlimited cloud capabilities

Data centers offer capabilities that cannot be achieved even on the most advanced desktops. Cloud-based solutions ensure improved user experience, as well as personalization possibilities without the risk of overloads.


With cloud-based solutions, you do not have to worry about your server damage or delays due to natural disasters or unexpected overloads. Microsoft Azure is a guarantee of continued service, even in the most unexpected circumstances.

Therefore, you can work from anywhere and at any time

Microsoft Azure is an ideal solution for mobile employees. Your sales representatives and sales staff have ongoing access to your price lists or databases. They just need an Internet connection.

Data storage security

Using Microsoft Azure, you do not have to worry about your data getting lost. If stored in the cloud, your data will not disappear when your laptop has been stolen. And you can use this data from any mobile device. With Azure, data backup, retrieval and storage are much more efficient and effective.

Environment friendly

Cloud computing is an environment-friendly solution that contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the smarter use of resources such as electricity and fuel. It is also more environment-friendly than standard IT solutions.