A well-structured workflow process is the key to success in all business areas. Microsoft Dynamics NAV incorporates solutions that support workflow management, however it can be used as a platform for the deployment of add-on workflow software. Automate your processes and manage task lists to improve efficiency and collaboration in your company.

Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been equipped with a variety of preconfigured workflow templates, which enable the user to manage processes efficiently. By defining workflow events, steps and users as well as conditions for events and responses, it is possible to structure any process within various business scenarios.

Enhanced workflow functionality

The agiles Workflow is an add-on solution designed for Dynamics NAV. It enables users to manage and monitor complex business processes. With workflow, the user can define structured scenarios comprising the flow of documents and tasks. Tasks, triggered by events, can be assigned to team members based on their roles in the system.

Optimized and simplified task management

The agiles Workflow solution is particularly useful for manufacturing and service companies which perform processes involving multiple stakeholders and approvers. It enables the user with the process owner/manager role to split processes into tasks and assign them to relevant team members. Each workflow is triggered by an event which is predefined using a set of conditions. The event and each workflow step generate notifications that are sent to respective workflow team members.

Controlled processes

The workflow data in agiles Workflow is a source of valuable information. By monitoring the progress of each step or task, the process manager gets an overview of process inefficiencies. Based on build-in analytics, the manager can improve or modify methods for the delivery of tasks and collaboration. Each task has to be approved before it is sent to the following workflow step.


Business Intelligence

  • Overview of current and planned tasks for teams and team members directly in the Role Centre
  • Analyses of company and team performance data displayed in transparent views

Outlook integration

  • E-mail notifications sent to process members
  • Overdue task alerts
  • Direct access from Outlook for faster response to notifications and approval requests

Document management

  • Possibility to assign documents to respective workflows, tasks and records
  • Tracking capabilities
  • Automated notifications on missing or incorrect documents
  • Requests to review and approve critical documents

Data consistency

  • Default rules for data management
  • Simplified data setup, modifications and update
  • Notifications of data inconstancies sent to relevant users

External programs

  • SharePoint for improved collaboration
  • Create graphical views by exporting workflows to Microsoft Project at the click of a button.

Advanced workflow

  • Set up of the predecessor and successor relationship for task sign-off before forwarding
  • Complex workflows managed using decision trees and loops



  • Tasks performed in a defined sequence and time limits
  • Business risks eliminated by reducing errors, delays and other problems

Insight into processes

  • Transparent UI for a better understanding of workflow processes
  • Advanced tracking capabilities for reasons for delays and recurring problems

Increased productivity

  • Tasks scheduled in alignment with company workflows
  • Faster and easier communication on processed tasks

Improved your flexibility

  • Possibility to modify workflow settings without costly and time consuming customizations
  • Ability to respond to organizational and process changes within the company

Speed up your business processes

  • Tasks assigned automatically to a subsequent employee or department based on defined setup; tasks are not forgotten owing to automated reminders
  • Faster task processing by eliminating manual work and redundant activities