Document Capture

Simpler administration processes? Choose the Document Capture tools based on the OCR technology and reduce unnecessary paperwork!

Document Capture

Document Capture from Continia Software is efficient OCR-based software for scanning documents directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It enables automated registration of documents such as receipts and invoices, both in the electronic and PDF formats. By streamlining your administration processes and improving workflows, it accelerates your business.

Is paperwork still slowing down digital transformation in your company?
Document Capture will transform all documents into meaningful data. Find out more how to digitalize and streamline document management.

What is Document Capture and the OCR technology?

Document Capture is an innovative solution designed to improve workflow by reducing the volume of paperwork. It uses the OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition). The document data scanned is automatically entered into the right destination fields based on the defined template. It is even easier with e-documents. Data on electronic documents is recognized instantly and allocated appropriately. With such an automated registration and notification functionality, documents always reach their recipients and are processed within the predefined workflow, involving approval. This eliminates errors which happen at manual entry and the bouncing of documents between departments.

With Document Capture integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Purchases, it is possible get data into the system as soon as an invoice is received. Scanned invoices are sent into Microsoft Dynamics NAV automatically. Imported invoice lines are linked with a relevant purchase order in the ERP system. The system generates an e-mail notification for a user who has been assigned the approver role. The invoice can be approved on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV client or on mobile device. The system also creates a log for each document which stores the approval history which enables the purchase manager to track invoice approval data.

Document scanning

By using Document Capture and the OCR technology, you can scan all documents quickly and distribute them instantly within your organization. The whole process is initiated in the location where documents are received. After they are scanned and registered, documents are sent to the ERP system โ€“ Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Documents can be scanned using the multi-functional devices and dedicated document scanners.

Processing PDF files and paper documents

Documents are processed in a location where they have been received. For this purpose, Document Capture employs award-winning ABBY FineReader technology, which supports 180 languages. The solution recognizes fields based on templates which can be defined per vendor. This enables automated entry of data. For PDF files, the process is even more convenient. The user can upload such files directly into Dynamics NAV from defined folders of the file server or e-mail boxes. Moreover, the application processes encoded PDF files, thus reducing printing and scanning efforts.

Intelligent tools for document processing

The Document Capture engine analyses scanned documents to upload data to a defined template. The user can define a set of templates which meet validation requirements for data consistency and compliance. Using the best practices incorporated within Dynamics NAV, all input data can be organized based on a uniform structure. Only data that matches defined criteria is automatically uploaded.

Workflows for purchase invoice approval

If a purchase invoice requires approval, the system notifies an appropriate user who has been assigned the approver role. The invoice can be released only if it has been approved by all required approvers.

When approving the purchase invoice, approvers can view the scanned copy of the original document at their desktops. They can also add their comments and attach additional files. Document Capture also stores the whole approval history, which makes it easier control the process.

Backup copies

The Data Capture archive stores all original documents. They can be accessed and tracked directly from Dynamics NAV based on a specific account number or dimension used to register the document. Optionally, NAV enables full-text search based on document data. The full-text search function can be used both for registered template fields and source document texts.

Document Capture is an OCR-based business tool that is gaining more and more users from all industries. It is an ideal tool for all organizations regardless of their sizes and industries.

The OCR technology has been designed to reduce paperwork and volumes of printed documents as well as to improve administration processes.

Designed for all

Document Capture is an OCR-based business application that can be used by any organization regardless of its size and industry. It meets the needs that are common for all companies, which include the reduction of paperwork and volumes of printed documents as well as improvement in the administration processes.

Functional package

Document Capture is a solution that eliminates barriers between paper and electronic worlds. Its comprehensive functionality enables the users change paper documents into meaningful and productive information which can be shared across and outside the organization and processed in a variety of ways. The functionality of the solution covers the following:

Scanning with remote and local scanners directly into Dynamics NAV.

Automated download and registration of PDF documents without additional software required.

Embedded OCR ABBYY FineReader that supports 180 languages and dialects.

Possibility to process encrypted PDF documents.

Automated assignment to vendors and orders registered in Dynamics NAV.

Automated approval process. Approvers are assigned on vendor, dimension and invoice amount and notified by an email message.

Dimensions and G/L accounts can be adjusted in lines by accountants and approvers.

Possibility to register invoices provisionally and cancel the assignment.

Original documents can be accessed using Dynamics NAV in each location.

Original documents can be accessed using Dynamics NAV in each location.

Original documents can be accessed using Dynamics NAV in each location.

Various document types supported.


Increased efficiency of administration processes

Streamlined processing of transactions based on rules set for document management

All documents available instantly

Improved collaboration between employees due to the defined workflows.

Reduced backup storage costs