LS Retail

Custom designed solutions help retail and hospitality businesses worldwide

LS Retail is a solution that helps keep up pace with the changing technology that turns around the retail and hospitality business. By providing a set of efficient tools, the solution enables retail and hospitability companies to address customers using different channels, and also to improve customer service, make customers return both to online and physical stores and restaurants.

Serve your customers wherever they are

LS Retail has been designed to encompass a wide spectrum of retail activities starting from store management, customer relationship management, omni-channel presence as well customer loyalty programs and customer retention. Regardless of the type of retail business such as fashion boutiques, supermarkets, pharmacies or restaurants, LS Retail supports retail and food chains. They all face the same challenges including high competitiveness, increasing pace of changes and customers’ demand to receive fast and high quality service.

Win customers even before they visit your store

Customers’ expectations are changing incredibly fast. To be successful, retail companies have to be always a step ahead.

What sets LS Retail apart from other solution providers is the unique use of a single application that integrates the entire business from point of sale (POS) terminals through store management, inventory, merchandising, back office, head office, demand planning, business intelligence and omni-channel retailing, including mobile and e-commerce.

The omni-channel management solution designed by LS Retail covers a variety of ways customers can interact with your company through mobile devices, from online ordering to mobile payment processing and portals with product information.

By ensuring easy on-line and remote access to favorite brands, stores and restaurants, the solutions enables potential customers convenient shopping or browsing for information from everywhere. This way, you win customers even before they cross the threshold of your store or restaurant. LS Retail makes all information the customer needs available not only within stationary POS systems but also from mobile devices.

Information that boosts your retail business with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Access to information is critical not only for customers but also for retailers.

LS Retail supports more focused product marketing to boost productivity and increase sales.
By keeping an eye on the volumes sold and ordered, retailers are able to optimize inventories as well as ordering processes.

The functionality of LS NAV covers all aspects of modern retail business including the management of point-of-sale management, in-store management, inventory, workforce, product, reporting and analytics, mobile and e-commerce. The solution supports a variety of retail and hospitality business activities, including:

  • Inventory Management
  • Workforce
  • Product Management
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Mobile & eCommerce

LS Retail NAV is particularly tailored to stores of the following branches: fashion, electronics, furniture, duty-free shops, grocery products and supermarkets, etc.


  • Product lifecycle management
  • Manual and automated item maintenance
  • Dynamic hierarchy, attributes and other
  • Product grouping
  • Price, offer, voucher and campaign management
  • ”Open-to-buy” function
  • Automated forecasting and replenishment
  • Franchise network management
  • Staff management
  • Loyalty program management
  • Special Orders
  • Sales reporting and analysis
  • Loss prevention

Back office

  • Dashboards for warehouse operations
  • POS terminal management
  • Cash management
  • Stock counting and adjustments using simple worksheets
  • Inventory replenishment
  • Purchase and transfer orders
  • Sales history
  • End-of-day management
  • Flexible architecture

Store - front office

  • Fast checkout
  • Simple operation
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Item cross-selling
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Loyalty program management
  • Multiple payment types
  • Special order entry at POS
  • Mobile sales
  • Mobile POS
  • Mobile loyalty apps
  • Loyalty portal
  • e-commerce
  • Mobile inventory management
  • Stock counting management
  • Stock counting and adjustments


Fully-integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The solution is compatible with the ERP system. It provides you access to various Dynamics NAV modules such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, Warehouse and Service

Complete control over your transactions

POS terminals collect a lot of valuable information when processing transactions. The information about products purchased, details about customers, loyalty scheme members, cashiers and stores can be used to maximize store performance. LS Retail BackOffice processes data input from POS terminals to generate valuable reports for more accurate decision making.

Flexibility and freedom

Retail Back Office supports operation management. Due to its comprehensiveness, the solution automates operations as required for a specific retail environment. It enables the user to set up and adjust vendor prices and methods for sales transaction and store area management.

On-line and on-demand access

With Retail Back Office you can track transactions from the source of origin. Based on the data stored, you can easily create comprehensive reports and then analyzes performance results for sales based on custom criteria. Data can be analyzed for profitability, cashier’s shift, overloads, departments, store sections, store shelves, product groups, items and item sizes, styles and colors.

Price monitoring

Price monitoring is a critical aspect of retail business management. With LS Retail you can manage prices based on item variant and link specific prices to selected POS terminals. The system supports price management for various item types, including multiple combinations of the ”select and connect” function and quantity discounts.

Price labelling

LS Retail enables you to design and print shelf labels and posters whenever you need this. You can easily set up a design that matches your corporate identity. Moreover, LS Retail tracks all inventory changes and automatically creates new labels for printing. Therefore, each price change can be visible to your customers instantly. This prevents price discrepancies, improves customer service and the performance of POSes.

Real time posting

The system provides integrated, real time accounting services and inventory control tools. This means that all POS transactions are replicated to Retail Back Office based on a predefined schedule. Therefore, they can be posted at any time.

Payment methods

LS POS enables you to manage and use as many payment methods as you need, including credit cards, checks, debits or cash payment. Additionally, you can move customer payments between POSs and store locations.

Promotional campaigns

LS Retail stores detailed data on the quantities sold based on different criteria, providing a valuable input for tracking campaign results. With this solution, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing and promotional activities.

The solution tailored to your needs

Retail Back Office can be configured to make it perfectly tailored to the user’s needs. The setup allows you to define how POS terminals are to be managed by Retail Back Office. By defining your own parameters, you can set up custom prices, payment types, discounts and cashiers.

Streamlined client/server communication

The system enables a more efficient use of hardware and network, ensuring data security.

End-of-day management

The end-of-day process is controlled via the schedule that can be set up individually for a specific type of a store or POS. To view current overview, the user does not have to wait until the store closes. The updated information is always on hand.