Mobile NAV

Nowadays, people are still on the move, so they wish to take their office with them wherever they go and have all information on hand. That is why they require mobility and flexibility from ERP systems they use. Mobile NAV enhances mobile capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV – a mobile-first ERP system

Making the mobile access to an ERP system possible means a breakthrough for its users. Mobile-first and cloud-first solution are the key concepts for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With all data on hand and easy connection to databases, Dynamics users can get insight into reports, decisions and documents they need while working outside the company. And vice versa, mobile employees can instantly upload data their colleagues working at the office need. Native integration with Office 365 ensures even more benefits.

Mobile NAV

Mobile NAV is a mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which supports online and offline work for remote activities. It is a perquisite for effective sales, service, warehouse and project management, enabling the user to track relevant workflows and ensuring the access to required data.

With Mobile NAV, the user with no advanced development knowledge can build his own application. All configuration is handled within NAV, which means that it is possible to create views mobile employees need. MobileNAV is just a new user-interface for Dynamics NAV, including its add-on modules, which is optimized for smartphones and tablets.

The user can access data and functionality in real-time, similarly to desktop clients. In the case of interruptions, Mobile NAV allows the user to continue work offline.

Platforms supported by Mobile NAV

To ensure ideal user experience, Mobile NAV offers native apps for:

iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Windows Phone


Windows Mobile/CE platforms


Contact data management

Contact data management

Sales data management

Product management

Creating sales quotes

Creating sales orders

Creating reverse transaction orders

Shipment posting

Invoice posting

Credit memo posting

Service order management

Task management

Project Management

Fast communication with the NAV system


Flexible setup and functionality based on the company’s needs

Based on the NAV business logic

On-line and on off-line access

On-line and on off-line access

Possibility to filter logged sales employees

Eliminating task redundancies and paper work

Integrated phonebook - importing and exporting data

Using built-in device capabilities (phone, e-mail, browser, map)

Direct entry of quotation and order data

Barcode scanning

Direct printing

Reporting capabilities

Multiple languages