Modus Furniture

Modus Furniture provides furniture and woodworking companies with a set of industry-specific tools that can be easily integrated with Microsoft Dynamic NAV.

Sharpen your competitive edge

The furniture industry has recently grown extensively. The pressure to keep up with changing trends, higher demand and quality requirements makes furniture companies seek optimized ways to expand. The implementation of a software solution is one of the most critical steps in ensuring success.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a great platform for the implementation of such an add-on solution for furniture companies, ensuring reliability, stability and consistency at all levels. When combined with an add-on solution such as Modus Furniture, Microsoft Dynamics NAV becomes a powerful tool that you can rely on when expanding your furniture business and seeking growth opportunities on the highly competitive furniture market.


Improvements that a furniture company needs

Modus Furniture is an integral add-on solution designed for Microsoft Dynamics NAV that organizes all processes across the entire value chain in the furniture industry. It enables complete supply chain management (SCM), which means that all processes from graphical order planning, quotation, order, materials and manufacturing logistics to dispatch to retailers are integrated within the system.

Modus Furniture encompasses all the improvements required by companies that manufacture and distribute furniture.

With advanced production and employee work scheduling, it automates work and eliminates redundant tasks. Thanks to graphical order planning, Modus visualizes how your production is progressing, enabling you to keep track of orders and control your deadlines. In this way, you are always able to deliver on time.

To ensure timely delivery, Modus provides instant access to information about inventory quantities, as well as vendor and customer data. With such a tool, you are able to easily match your level inventories with the planned demand, in this way reducing your warehouse costs.

The module also provides extensive functionality for make-to-order and assembly management, as well as item variants. Thank to this, your company can respond to the specific needs of its customers, offering a variety of products in different color-, size- and material variants

Modus Furniture functionalities

Graphical planning (sales)

  • Integrated variant management (sales, planning, purchases, manufacturing)
  • At the customer’s request: integrated graphical product setup and spatial design
  • Multi-level rules supporting order placement and sales data entry into BOMs and routings (work schedules)

Shipment and allocations

  • Mapping all layouts related to customers and structures (including reporting)
  • Optionally, prices, discounts and payment terms inherited automatically
  • Bonus calculation
  • Management of license rights and project models

Routing planning

  • Monitoring logistics processes in order to reduce shipment and inventory costs
  • Automated notifications using: EDI, e-mail, fax and e-mail communication
  • Managing item withdrawals and complaints
  • Improved and centralized procedures for item withdrawals and complaints
  • Transparent frequency and cost analyses with adjustment possibilities


The availability of enhanced statistical data displayed in custom-defined dimensions:

  • Net change
  • Order entry
  • Available inventory.
  • Shipments
  • Purchases/Revenues


  • Standard catalogues and price lists
  • The exchange of customer information using EDI

Other functionalities

  • Graphical order entries and planning
  • Processing quotes and orders
  • Variant generator – specific for the furniture industry
  • Version, price and bonus tracking
  • Integrated customer relationship management system (CRM)
  • Routing and assembly management
  • Integrated manufacturing control
  • Business Information Manager (BIM) – advanced forecasts and analyses
  • All standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV functions


The software for the furniture industry


An out-of-box solution for furniture companies that can be easily integrated and customized

Improved efficiency both when producing on order or for a specific design

Complete functionality for manufacturing of all types of furniture, including upholstery and fittings

Customizable cost schemas for more accurate planning of budgets

Fast implementation time for best ROI results

Intuitive use, compliant with Dynamics NAV logics

Integrated workflows and high operative transparency in the entire organization

Modern and intuitive user interface

Insights into processes and data for accurate decision making

Freely definable calculation schemes and productions schedules for optimized budget based production planning