TARGIT Decision Suite is the only business intelligence platform that offers visual data discovery tools, self-service business analytics, reporting, and stunning dashboards in a single, integrated solution. Providing all these capabilities, it empowers you to make accurate decisions.


Because of the variety of data sources, each company can access, decision-making has become a complex process. Therefore, data analytics is often neglected. Choosing accurate data sources and transforming data into valuable information which can be used for BI analytics and forecasting are key prerequisites for success, however. For this purpose, companies need reliable tools for self-service data management and business intelligence analytics.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a concept of transforming data into information and knowledge on how to boost the productivity and efficiency of the organisation. Business Intelligence eliminates subjective factors in decision making, ensuring that all decisions are data and fact driven. However, BI tools can be effective only if they use high quality data, which has been standardized to ensure reliability regardless of the data source.

Targit Decision Suite is a solution that helps organizations to use the potential hidden in the information they have on hand for more conscious and accurate decision making.


Targit Decision Suite is a modern Business Intelligence solution that is fully compliant with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It provides a deep insight into critical information for accurate and effective decision-making. When integrated with the ERP system, it uses the data available within the system to create analyses and reports. It can also retrieve data from other systems such as add-on solutions and combine it with NAV data for more comprehensive and reliable analytics. Different executive dashboards in Targit Decision Suite provide an accurate overview for each users depending on its role. The solution uses the latest improvements in-memory processing and data warehousing to provide a reliable data input for machine learning and predictive analytics.


Targit Decision Suite is an easy-to- learn, self-service tool for data analytics and visualization, which combines data from all applications used within the company at a single platform. The variety of Targit functions and ease of use eliminate the need to employ additional resources for data analytics. With Targit, the user can develop his own analytics models which can evolve as the organization changes and grows. Targit is even more than just a business analytics tool. With its supplementary build-in capabilities, it supports better communication and collaboration as well as it facilitates order planning and data presentation.

Executive Browser

Executive Browser is similar to a web browser. After entering a query, Targit provides a range of search results, allowing the user to select the most accurate ones. In addition, it ranks query results based on results selected by other users.

Executive Browser

Executive Browser is similar to a web browser. After entering a query, Targit provides a range of search results, allowing the user to select the most accurate ones. In addition, it ranks query results based on results selected by other users.

Bullet Graph

This functionality offers great flexibility with a variety of setup options. It can be applied for various data sets. Using the Gauge Builder tool, the user can design custom gauges and develop manager dashboards.

Data models for multi-dimensional analytics

With their hierarchical structure, the analysis functionality enables the user multi-dimensional data overview, providing comprehensive results. Results can be viewed and grouped on various detail levels. Any irregularities identified by means of the analysis can be selected with just a click of the mouse for further reference. The function also enables you to track relations and generate reliable reports.

Automated notifications on changing trends

Targit enables you to forecast trends based on static and dynamic factors (e g. values of revenues and costs). All projected results can be visualized on graphs. The agent notification function informs all users involved about upcoming changes and by sending notifications, prompts them to take necessary actions.

Manager dashboards

By combining key performance indicators at managers dashboards, Targit becomes a powerful management tool. With all information on hand, managers can evaluate key business processes (such as the application of revenues and costs). Process automation supports executives in accurate decision-making.

Order Planning

More productive planning is one of the main benefits of Business Intelligence tools. Targit provides precise information on task assignments. It can be also used to create and send reports on the performance of users. The enhanced functionality enables the user to create specific reports for selected groups of recipients and products.

Ready-made presentations

Creating a presentation in Targit means just selecting an analysis view with a few clicks. The layout and format of presentation can be modified as needed. Based on your selection, Targit creates a video, webcast or presentation. You can also create a dynamic presentation to view current data bases. This functionality is particularly useful for creating the content for websites, video advertising and information boards.

Connection wizard

If multiple databases are used for Targit analytics, the wizard enables you to switch between them. Special accelerators enable the user to speed up the process of building Microsoft Dynamics NAV based models and warehouses.


Standardized data formats for presenting information analyzed based on input from multiple systems

Faster and easier self-service business analytics

More efficient sharing of data among team members

Standardized overview of KPI across the organization

Optimized, data-driven actions and controlled business targets

Reduced expenses by preventing inaccurate decisions and inconsistencies